Zachary James is not your typical artist; this Grammy Award winner is an unconventional and self-made artist who challenges the norms and expectations of what is considered traditional. As a gay man, he does not shy away from expressing his identity and sexuality through his music, which often defies gender stereotypes and confronts toxic masculinity. Through his distinctive bass-baritone voice and powerful lyrics, Zachary has swiftly and rightfully been gaining recognition on the global music scene. With the release of “Song of Myself”, that evolution is expected to reach even higher heights!

An outstanding masterpiece that was inspired by the legendary works of renowned poet Walt Whitman, Zachary made this project uniquely his by pouring all of himself into singing his heart and soul out to inspire, empower, and uplift all the lonely souls out there…a gentle reminder that they are not alone and something to uplift them on days when they are feeling a little lost and in need of that little boost or just motivation.

He enlisted the help of cellist Wick Simmons, percussionist Ariel Campos, and guitarist Fredrick Poholek to help round out this debut album, which we can only hope is the first of many more to come from this ingenious artist.

Zachary has always been deeply connected to this album, and now, dear reader, he shares it with you. He considers this music to be, along with your faith in him, one of the best things that have ever been his!

This project exudes freshness and vitality, continuing the extended Renaissance period Zachary has enjoyed for the better part of a decade. While classical music has largely overcome ageism, allowing artists to mature in their craft, Zachary is among those pushing those limits far beyond what was previously conceived.

Presenting an album packed with enough punch to contend with the work of young, blustering prospects who had yet to be born when he released his first song, as well as his most esteemed contemporaries, Zachary reigns yet again.

Music like “I Celebrate Myself” is less heard and more felt. Bar the technical prowess showcased here, the positive affirmative message delivered expressively in the gently manicured bass-baritone vocals of Zachary is enough to evoke feelings from anyone listening in as they get hooked from the first note all the way to the last one.

I can tell you for free that his performance in “I Believe in you my Soul” has been performed with such gracious ease. He makes it seem so easy, and it is everything but. Exuding such poetic finesse and a breathtakingly rich, sometimes soulful, and most times powerful range, Zachary fills a listener’s heart with warmth and nostalgia.

With the over 11-minute title track, Zachary exudes an irresistible allure with his demonstrative, theatrical, and immensely powerful performance. His voice carries a ton of emotions, and when he sings, it is like he is performing to you live; you can feel his presence permeate and ingratiate itself with you in a way that you cannot resist, and why should you? When the performance is this good, you simply relish it and soak it in!

“Space and Time!” is another bona fide standout that exemplifies Zachary’s ever-growing comfort in answering the bell and rising to the occasion. This is more than just the song; this is a performance that is rooted in musical excellence, one that grips you from start to finish. You actually don’t know when it’s over because of the way it has you completely lost in it.

Golden, full of character and personality, is what “Song of Myself” is in its entirety. This is not the kind of album that you cherry-pick via a remote button; no,  this is meant to be enjoyed from top to bottom because that is the only way that you really savor it!

Streaming on all the major platforms globally, “Song of  Myself” feels like the classical project of the year!

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