I have always admired the courage of artists who refuse to conform to genre restrictions- choosing instead to experiment and explore what comes of it and such is the case of one Zachary James, a Grammy-award-winning Opera singer and recording artist who has fashioned the perfect blueprint to musical success. Over the years, this intelligent star has won many accolades that other artists can only dream of! With unfettered confidence and energy to match, James is set to continue taking his loyal listeners to the Promised Land of musical salvation, and with him by your side, it will be an experience you will never forget; so, join him on this expedition and live life to the max!

On 7th December, something huge will be happening; Zachary James is set to drop his new album “INTERGALACTIC” on all digital platforms. While confiding in us, James admitted that this collection was indeed one of his most authentic and one in which he felt he needed to get out of his quintessential genre and breakthrough with versatility and style to deliver something different and equally authentic!

While listening to this valuable collection, I encountered some sought of clarity; it was sobering, all of it- Zachary’s capacity to harness ingenuity in service of musical greatness. He worked with some of the best talents the music world has to offer and the result of it is this album that I feel will age like fine wine!

What you get from “INTERGALACTIC” is music that defies genre rules and transports you to a blissful place of your choosing. The honesty in “FAKE LOVE” is something identifiable. That with the aesthetic blissful keyboard melodies is just the perfect musical distillation. James’ voice lusciously slinks through the ambient melodies as he gives a tale worth listening to!

“THE 90S” is just magical sound at its best which sees Zachary tap into the timeless nostalgic sound to come up with a very arresting and spectacular tune that will reconnect your senses to the awe, wonder, and majesty that such melodies bring along. I found myself going back to this particular track as I couldn’t get enough of it.

I love how James gives an identifiable cinematic quality to the track “HUNG UP”- there is something quite uniquely fascinating about it and I’m beyond doubt many listeners will feel the same way once they get to listen to it.

There is that deep sense of emotions that the tune “CRY” has; very touching, I feel that the gist of this particular tune rests at the touchstone of the pictorial percussion.

There is a great deal of zeal as Zachary displays such a voracious appetite for songcraft and that is why I can’t wait to see the reaction that this album will get once it officially drops. One thing that I am certain though is that many listeners will be head over heels for it.

It is just special to see what artists like Zachary are doing in the game by just experimenting with different sounds and styles in service of priceless music. I cannot stress enough how I feel that a collection like “INTERGALACTIC” will change the course of the music game- the industry has been put on notice of an incoming wave of a tsunami that will break everything in its wake (records included!)

I promise you that there’s nowhere you’d rather be this coming 7th December; I’d hate it were you to miss out on the unveiling of one of the best pieces of 2022!

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