Matt Malone The Frontlines

Matt Malone is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based out of Santa Fe in New Mexico. A gifted composer with an admirable and incredible knack for turning personal experiences and life events into songs with universal messages, his eclectic style of music blends the grandiose of country and paints it with some blissful elements of folk. Then adds the cherry on top with the imposing rock to design a sound that transcends the lyrical and melodic boundaries in ways that are beyond words. This has made him one of the hottest talents in New Mexico, and he is here with an emotionally balanced new 7-track project, “The Frontlines,” his valuable sophomore collection of endearing tracks!

Music is supposed to move you, and this folk and pop-country infused album does precisely that. Remarkably utilizing the story-telling country-induced theme, the tune will do things to your heart with the heartwarming elements at its core. Expertly produced and packed with unforgettable melodies and vocals, these tracks will undeniably elevate any playlist they are added to.

Like a double-edged sword, “The Frontlines” cuts both ways carrying deep and soulful emotions of freedom, confusion, and melancholy and hope to echo the life of someone who has finally decided to move on yet can’t help but reminisce about the past memories while also feeling enthusiastic and hopeful in their new journey. Malone’s ability to take you on this emotional journey is the mark of a consummate maestro.

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He has a voice of gold that slinks with purity and clarity over the lush instrumentation and endears itself to a listener from the word go. He exercises impeccable vocal control, and his voice echoes the emotions with innate perfection. You can tell that he truly adores this style of music and is passionate in his delivery.

To get a taste of these emotion-filled and moving ballads, follow the attached link and stream the album. Save your favorite tracks for repeated listening experiences, and tell a friend to tell a friend that there is a new favorite act in town!

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