“Metamorphosis” is an album based on the idea of transformation, both musically and essentially. This is one of the many directions music producer KliphtOn has to go as a producer and artist, and it really depicts him as a one-of-a-kind producer who isn’t afraid to tap into the unknown and test his musical acumen by discovering new sounds along the way. This is growth, and it is absolutely magical to experience it and get drawn to it.

Today, KliphtOn stands today as an independent producer and engineer dedicated to musicality and craft. It is so surreal and sobering how this all started with pure enthusiasm when it comes to discovering new music and different forms of musicality. Lowkey by nature and quietly mastering the revered craftsmanship of a music producer, you can always expect the unexpected.

“Metamorphosis” is a shining example of KliphtOn’s production approach that involves a dynamic concoction of all forms of music he enjoyed listening to while growing up until now. This album is really inspired by his own personal view of nature and life, reflecting not only his inner thoughts and desires but also the vast, sophisticated, and beautiful expanse of nature.

There are tracks you can dance to thanks to their disco and house influences, and then there are tracks that put you in another dimension—another otherworldly space where possibilities are infinite, ultimately exemplifying a producer dedicated to exploring with awe electronic music’s gorgeous influences.

And it is pretty amazing how music like this defies categorization and really hits emotionally even without lyrics. This is the kind of cathartic listening experience that really whisks its listener away to blissful places; sometimes nostalgic, sometimes joyful!

His knack for the specifics, flanked by his tailored delivery in “Metamorphosis,” puts you right there beside him as the story unfolds. There is something about this sound that makes you feel things, and KliphtOn excels in that department.

“Metamorphosis” brings early 80s psychedelic electric vibes, serving as the perfect music collection for the summer.

This is one hell of a musical experience KliphtOn has engineered here, and even though the songs aren’t familiar, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between “Metamorphosis” and Lil Yachty’s “Let’s Start Here” – in times of diversity and innovation!