While essentially a hip-hop and R&B artist, American artist Julian Versace builds on his past musical endeavors by adding a wild array of musical influences, walking the lines between many genres and styles, and offering no apologies while at it. His solo work is a texturally diverse, sonically bold palette that is truly unique and authentic. With his distinct showmanship, he can invoke imagery that is vulnerable while retaining strength and power that would take most a lifetime to procure. It is therefore little surprise that his talent, notoriety, and fan base are growing at an incredibly rapid rate.

Versace is currently stealing headlines following the release of his album “Members Only” which is a melting pot of eclectic genres and styles, featuring tracks written from a point of honesty and vulnerability as much as strength to have a listener thoroughly entertained, empowered, and inspired.

“Right Way” is a single off of this album; a smooth and beautifully haunting song guaranteed to leave an indelible mark on a listener’s heart and soul.

The intro is mellow and elegant, inviting the listener into its sonic allure for an engrossing 22 seconds before the dense, deep-phased beat joins in, followed by the sweet-sounding vocals of Versace.

His deliverability is smooth and fascinating; the way he smoothly walks over the beat, sweetly talking over it with his velvety and gentle voice, hits the listener right in the feels.

His captivating vocal performance injects this tune with an enlivening R&B sonic essence before he displays his versatility with that pure poetic lyricism that is an ode to his rap dexterity.

This song is delightfully charming, and the way Versace perfectly captures the song’s essence and narrative with his stimulating vocal performance is bound to linger with you long after the song ends.

He exudes confidence, charisma, and vulnerability. His stunning vocals make this a must-listen for all music fans who like something enchanting and haunting at the same time.

“Right way” is streaming on all the popular channels, and Versace would very much appreciate it if you added this tantalizing song to your playlist. If you like what you hear, remember there’s more music to explore from Versace!

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