Ivan ATS is not your ordinary rapper; he has built a reputation with his mastery of words and unique cadences, which he unleashes with such effortless ease. His lyrical presence and vibrant personality cast a significant influence over the game. His passion for rap music has been ignited ever since his childhood, and it has never faltered.

Ivan comes through with quotable lyrics and catchy bars, delivering street-influenced songs with unwavering confidence and an unpredictable cadence and voice that many have described as a unique blend, reminiscent of rap legends such as J. Cole and Rick Ross.

He continues to mesmerize new fans every day with his dominant flows and powerful rhymes, with an attitude that embodies the vibrant energy of Orlando. It is therefore little surprise that ATS continues to assert himself as Florida’s next hometown hero. And with an expanding body of work that has already tallied streams and views in the hundreds of thousands, it is safe to say that Ivan may also be music’s NEXT BIG THING in the very near future.

Talking about big, Ivan ATS has something huge that is guaranteed to turn the music industry on its head. Ivan is gearing up for the release of his new album, “In All the Wrong Places” which will officially debut on June 9, 2023.

This album follows his highly rated “Stuck in My Ways” EP which went on to receive tremendous stream numbers as well as favorable reviews from the music press.

In a move that is poised to revitalize the hip-hop and rap game, Ivan ATS’ recent work will culminate in this new project, showcasing versatility on every conceivable level.

Ivan ATS wants the hip-hop discourse to reflect his immense talent; he has spent more time turning inward, reflecting on himself and his devotion to the art. He remains intent on sharing more of himself than he ever has, and “In All the Wrong Places” will reflect that.

When you mention the greatest artists or the hottest artists out right now, Ivan ATS has to be in that conversation!

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