Big Bus Dream is the musical alter-ego of one Mike Shannon, an artist in the purest sense, with a sound that is tried, tested, and approved and strength of his own within the rock, folk, and country realms. He embodies his music, which in turn, embodies his dreams. As such, to attempt to separate the artist from his art would be akin to unraveling the very threads of his soul, leaving behind only echoes of silence. His approach to songwriting is a reflection of life itself and the daily dreams we have, drawing rich inspiration from personal experiences and the narratives of those that appear in his dreams. Big Bus Dream thrives in the spontaneity of creation, he steps into the studio, allowing his thoughts to flow freely, and crafting verses that are both intellectually stimulating and strikingly impactful over a rich and lush accompaniment that feels like heaven.

His 2023 album “C’mon Dream” garnered positive buzz from the international music fraternity, earning rave reviews from the music press, and has since accumulated streams in the hundreds of thousands. Following that up, Big Bus Dream released the sequel, “Hello,” which features 12 songs, spanning 42 minutes and 32 seconds.

The title track ‘Hello’ encapsulates what this album is all about; a catchy, timeless-sounding, and memorable masterpiece, Big Bus Dream packs an appropriate punch with his rich, tonic and stimulating vocals that exude a gratifying feeling from within a listener. The instrumentation is splendid, infectiously offering a captivating backdrop for his richly smooth vocals as the anthemic allure created by the catchy lyrics envelops a listener, refusing to let go even after the song is no more.

Showcasing his vulnerable and romantic side, the track “Tell Me You Love Me” is a special dedication to the ladies. His intimate and warm approach to songwriting, backed by his distinct vocals, make this an irresistible bona fide standout.

The song “I Thought It Was Magic” was written from a place of both tenderness and strength and is haunting, mystical, and enchanting, to say the least.

Throughout, you’ll be treated to a plethora of styles and genres as the music evokes a wide range of emotions from within. Depending on your taste in music, you might find multiple tracks becoming your favorites from this album.

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