Greenvale Manitou is a joint musical project made up of French expat, singer-songwriter, and percussive instrument player Ced, currently based out of Minneapolis, South Metro, and tech-savvy, studio engineer, producer, and guitarist Jeenti. Together, they blend their musical tastes and ideas for innovatively crafted and ingeniously presented music that is a melting pot of both traditional and Western influences, cooking up something with broad appeal.

Greenvale Manitou is an anomaly—a deviation from the common rule, stereotype, arrangement, or form. They are both into exploring creative outlets and rabbit holes, refusing to stand still and always moving as artists. This diverse and unique musical outfit also enjoys using music as a getaway channel to incorporate unifying messages on diverse topics, as they understand the only way to promote a better future is by instilling shared-value impacts today. Bringing new vibes to the music landscape, Greenvale Manitou enjoys delivering statement-making and lived experiences that provoke immersive engagement and sustained attraction.

Even as we celebrate their joint EP, “Born of the Same”, we are reminded of how much these artists take their time to create rhythmic and diverse mixes that inspire and effectively demonstrate their fast-growing reputation as staples in music creation and production. This is in conjunction with their powerful ambiance and relentless ‘make it happen’ attitude that led to Greenvale Manitou’s evolved stance as a dynamic music producer and singer-songwriter duo that is already leaving influential marks in the world of entertainment and shows no inclination of slowing down any time soon!

Greenvale Manitou evokes a wave of uncompromising authenticity with this 3-track collection, detaching from genre restrictions and taking influences from many genres and styles to develop their own unique sound that shrewdly stretches the boundaries of genre-based music and allows the listener to experience the emotions and memories embedded in their creation.

The transcendental guitar lays the groundwork for the title track, backed by the bass-draped beat and a lively concoction of drums and keys, followed by one of the most fascinating poetic revelations from Ced. As the track progresses, there is a refreshing twist that sees a timeless medley of guitar riffs injected into the mix, giving this song a fantastic rock edge. The self-assured lead vocals lusciously slink through this invigorating soundscape, offering such a cathartic and visceral listening experience. By the time the track’s 4:35 time lapses, a listener will have been taken through a spectrum of moods and emotions.

The intro of the track “Skies & Grain” is cinematic with wolf-like cries as the guitar riffs buildup in the background and eventually come alive, complemented by sweet vocals and well-timed drum hits before the song quickly escalates to a growling rock sensation with trippy twists and melodic turns; an effective balance being struck between the more melodious and the more aggressive and abrasive psych quality of the song. It offers a dynamic blend of styles, and it is absolutely magical. I love the insane guitar licks that later permeate this record; they really add such ambiance and personality to the overall track.

“Skies & Grain” is a tribute track for the people of war-torn Ukraine, with the duo intending to raise funds from this single to support the people of Ukraine and help raise awareness about world peace.

The entrancing guitar solo in “Queen of All the Animals” sets the tone before the colorful set of bass, drums, and samples offer solid support for that captivating lead vocal that takes on a textbook storytelling approach featuring memorable hooks and a big chorus. The duo hits you with these soaring vocals and zipping tones. There is a driving drumbeat that melds with the keyboard tones to push you forward.

In the realm of musical anomalies, Greenvale Manitou holds a distinct position as a phenomenal deviation from the expected and the ordinary; – “Born of the Same” is a huge testament to that.

Already streaming on all the popular channels, take some time off your busy day and delve deep into this exemplary showpiece, and you’ll be glad you did!

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