Giovannie Espiritu is more than a filmmaker, actor, and award-winning writer. She is a storyteller, a healer, and a beacon of hope in a society permeated by misogyny and hatred of the gay community, acting as an activist for domestic violence awareness and LGBTQ equality, among many selfless acts for those neglected by society. As a bisexual, once undocumented Filipina mom who spent time in a Biblical doomsday cult as a teen, she has experienced first-hand the painful sting of hatred, exclusion, and bigotry.

“Ultra-Feminist” was Giovannie’s first ever short film, which went on to earn critical acclaim from Outfest Fusion in 2019. 5 years down the line, she has decided to transform it into this upbeat and energetic single of the same title that she is set to release.

“Ultra Feminist” tells a powerful and defiant story of society’s attempt to wound and silence feminine power. Coming into her own divinity as a woman has been a big part of Giovannie’s story, and she wants people to understand that feminine energy is powerful in its own right and is meant to be honored.

As such, society must not suppress feminism, deeming it weak and reducing women to a lesser status under the guise of misogyny. With raw, honest lyrics, Giovannie Espiritu does not mince her words.

“Ultra Feminist” features rich, layered synth textures that range from bright and punchy to atmospheric and ethereal. The hooks here are instantly recognizable and stay with the listener long after the song ends.

The upbeat tempo and energetic rhythms provide the perfect backdrop for Giovannie’s expressive vocals as the electronic drum patterns drive the song forward.

With this single, she worked with the incredibly gifted beatmaker Augusto Omar Carrillo and music producer Rasec Marc.

The song is expected to debut soon.

As the music world patiently waits for this sonic charm, get to know Giovannie Espiritu more by checking out her website,

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