CMC G is not your typical rapper, as he approaches his craft with care and an undeniable aura of skill. He has owned his skill and paying close attention to his recently released masterpiece “Street Life” will certify without a shadow of a doubt why this is a maestro who has planned so much for this point in time since he knew it was coming; triumph belongs to the one who prepares the most, and CMC G has won this battle at the early light, and he is now walking out in the trap world everyday thinking, feeling, and able to produce at levels that make him unassailable.

His prosperity has followed his courage, and the outside empire we see now is the result of an interior empire that has grown to world-class proportions. His expanding impact in the trap world reflects the glory, dignity, vigor, and light that he has discovered within himself. His great desire to leverage on his pure intellect, his brilliant rapid-fire to train, and his great stamina to optimize means he has taken flight into the uncommon air of unequivocal dominance, and as a consequence, he is achieving domain dominance.

Hailing from Hammond, Louisiana “Street Life” employs a multilayered thin and sometimes thick-textured monophonic tune with a melodic cadence and synthetic crisp, clean, and rhythmic snares with an intense bravado and a fast withering wit that knows no limits. The tempo octave blends seamlessly with the sound to create a hard-hitting, deep, and varied mood. He raps on things that many people are thinking but are reluctant to say, such as giving in to peer pressure, being vulnerable among other things

CMC G raps with the mastery of technical lyricism, merging his technically gifted melodic voice with the sophisticated flows that have been enriched with tongue-twisting wordplay to generate a wonderfully inventive flow with memorable bars. He’s the type of rap guru that gets an idea right away when he hears a beat. His impromptu rhymes to the powerful hip hop fundamental sounds is reminiscent of a groundbreaking musical style rich in a sense of familiarity and identity. This is an appealing and real all-out anthem with the luxury of high-quality visual art in the form of the official video, which is adorned with visuals of renowned performers both old and new school while CMC G rides the explosive beats shouting his verses. The video is complex, intimate, amusing, razor-sharp, and has the power of superb delivery.

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