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Showing a distinct type of music that becomes the consolation of stateless minds is the dream of many musicians, whatever the genre. Some artists lose their way of performing more promising acts in the industry after the new single, and some just can’t stop thriving on their atypical persistence. Nigerian-based singer Chnge has a hard-earned appreciation and never-ending love from national music lovers for her latest single “No Worry, Mama”

Like many artists with beautiful voices, Chnge had to start singing in the church choir. When she moved to study abroad, her skills were quickly noticed by others and she performed internationally at several events. Her most recent track sees her commit to her music fully. She carries her special bag of striking melodies along with her smooth vocals to envelop the ear space of the listener with all kinds of calming tunes. The track builds up its effect throughout as it pours out emotions that inevitably resonate with everyone who listens to it with full attention. Nothing else seems to be important when the singer makes you fall into a moment.

Chnge’s music is remarkable because of its significance and because it is extremely relatable, as it relates to life’s real issues and experiences. She is inspired and guided by faith and spirituality to promote encouragement in a world that’s filled with discouragement.

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