Bri Skii Lavon The Goon Bacc

As one of the pioneers and engineers of the popular Brooklyn drill scene, Bri Skii Lavon has always displayed innate charisma for invention and innovation and despite going through some tribulations which saw him get incarcerated, he has always approached life with admirable optimism and that is why after his release, he went straight into what he loves doing; creating music! His star cannot be dimmed and he is now on a spectacular quest of making rap music great again. Starting with the debut single, “The Goon Bacc”, Bri Skii Lavon has other dope releases that will turn the attention back to him as it were back in the days!

An infectious anthem inspired by Buddha Donn, “The Goon Bacc” has to be your choice of hip-hop music. At the center of the stupendously layered trap beats that create a spectacularly colorful bed of support for his commanding vocals that nail the drill sound, this tune epitomizes style and fashion. Approaching his flows with the finesse of a rap-sing attitude, he is able to pull a listener into his rap world with the bouncing beats keeping the mood elevated.

The melodies and bar delivery is fitting for the drill space that he creates with the anthemic flavor leaving the impression of somewhat a club banger. Fans of the modern trap sound and drill music will find so much pleasure in this one as well as those who enjoy faultless rap drops like the one Bri Skii Lavon details here.

The best part about this hard-hitting anthem with the no holds barred lyrical approach is that it is inviting with the addicting beats somehow getting to the core of your heart and making you want to get up and dance.

The official music video which was directed by the proficient Jay Chosen is out and has so far amassed over 35.5K views in such a short time and it is as sleek as the Rolls-Royce that he pulls up in. Everyone seems to be having so much fun here and the overall high moods are in turn passed on to the listener and viewer.

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