This is the legendary making of one Brandon White AKA B. Hughes, a hero reborn and an artistic accomplished maestro who is on his way to join the A-leagues; this songwriter and poet from Atlanta is a fearless explorer of the human emotions and life experiences as he delves deeply into his musical soul and heart, altering emotions and life most profound experiences and trials into certified bangers that are reinvented in his own poetic image.

B. Hughes started out as early as 15, making beats and rapping, and evolved through to a now mature artist who is on his way to becoming one of the most vital rap masters in Atlanta and beyond. He was inspired by legendary performers such as JAY Z, Kanye and Atlanta’s own renowned Andre 3000. His name is also inspired by the African-American poet and activist Langston Hughes. One thing that is guaranteed of him is consistency and he has released a series of 10 EPs all titled by their respective months. He is just making his mark on the music industry and once he is done, he will have left a trail of indelible print for future generations to walkthrough!

“G.Y.S.T.” is a stunner and it is no different from what you have been accustomed to even with the Billboard charting tunes- if anything it is as deserving of a place on the charts as any other blazing tune there is! On this track, he featured fellow artist and vocalist Durag B who influences the track’s chorus to design an infectious and addictive anthem off of it!

Right from the mesmerizing percussive oscillations at the intro that serve to prepare a listener for something deep which is what follows as the deep-phased beats painted in bass and complexity are matched speed to power with the effective grand opening of B. Hughes as he stunningly breathes life into the masterpiece with his lyrical ingenuity and tremendous proficiency! “Dedicated sick of waiting

But Light shines from being patient

Find a grind and stimulate it

In due time you can check your savings

You can see the outcome of hardwork and dedication, discipline and meditation

New levels that you seek require elevation…”

B. Hughes inspires and dazzles through and Durag B is there to take the message home with a special order, flawless chorus delivery in his rich, warm, and polished R&B vocals performing the catchy chorus “Wait for it, pray for it, it’s yours go for it, you know what they don’t keep doing what they don’t” which effectively pulls a listener in and before you know it you are singing your heart out to its easily memorable lyrics. And this is what a track is supposed to be allowing a listener to feel part of the track and join in as they burst some crazy moves!

The music video has already garnered over 4.5 K views and the numbers are still going up, it is a visual treat with all the cinematic scenes proficiently blended together to design one awesome high-quality video that complements the dedicated and heartfelt performance of the two acts. Follow the attached link, subscribe to his YouTube channel, watch the video, like it and save it as a favorite in your music library as you marvel at your now favorite artist B. Hughes – How about that!

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