Anizzy is a Texas-based singer-songwriter with Indian roots who has built a name for himself in the music world as he presents the most vibrant, rhythmically energetic, melodically intricate, and joy-filled music. His music mirrors that quest for freedom and is tapped from the most emotional experiences of life. His style of eclectic delivery fashions music is based on a scale that projects self-confidence and, in turn, takes you on an Anizzy experience that is nothing less than outright gratifying and blissful.

This time, however, he is back with a song that brings forth deep emotions in his new song “The Return,” in his style of RnB fused with a hip-hop flavor. A relatable story worth listening to, “The Return” tells of Anizzy’s story when he was out on vacation with his friend, and the inevitable happened-it was time to get back from the break. Delivered in a gloomy mood and tone, the relatability of this song will surprise you, especially if you feel drained by a routine everyday lifestyle. Anizzy creates a mood where you can almost catch his emotions in this song.

The track makes a striking entry with delightful vocal harmonies followed closely by a colorful melody Anizzy’s raw and chill vocals allowed to flourish over the laid-back cadence. He delivers passionately, pulling up to an emotionally charged plot that serves as the track’s apex!
His vocals are pure and warm throughout the track, and the way they float over the splendorous instrumental bed creates a near-mystic scene. One of the most captivating things that will grab your attention is the raw and polished vocals, as he displays a wide vocal range to engineer a tune you cannot get enough of.

He ebbs and flows faultlessly and occasionally delivers the intoxicating hook that pulls a listener in and makes you fall in love with the track tenfold.

“The Return” comes off smoothly with Bollywood, RnB and hip-hop touches. Anizzy found an exceptional delivery style with his melody combined with a story-telling that you rarely see in contemporary music nowadays.

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