Harnessing the power of music to not only entertain but also heal, inspire, and empower, music producer and songwriter Zoey Tess has been creating the soundtracks to our lives with raw and honest lyrics that capture the essence of life in all its aspects, backed by intriguing beats that work very well with the emotional weight and depth of her lyrics. It is for this reason that her milestones have expanded beyond personal achievements and excellence, working with certified legends such as Britney Spears, Mila Jam, and many others.

Zoey Tess is back with an enchanting new release, “In These Dreams” that is meant to inspire and empower a listener to follow their heart and allow themselves to dream again, this time without the fear of falling short or underachieving.

“In These Dreams” features a mellow intro with a sweet-sounding piano backed by a colorful violin, providing a soulful bed of support for the lead emotive female vocals. The warm, inviting, and smooth instrumentation allows for the powerful, raw, and honest lyrics to thrive, resonating with a personal appeal as a listener finds their own personal connection with the words.

As the song progresses, that lively depth is added through the drums, electric guitar, and other percussive elements. Even so, the tune doesn’t lose its core gentleness, which makes it feel fanciful and tender.

A heartfelt tour de force with such powerful lyrics and a lovely production, it is little surprise that the jam has already garnered close to 20K Spotify streams within such a short span of time since its release.

Zoey Tess wrote and co-produced this jam, one of the most joyful moments of her career, and seeing the overwhelming reaction this song is already generating is a feeling more than words can describe.

Let’s continue streaming “In These Dreams,” add the song to our playlists, and recommend it to our friends. I am more than certain that anyone could use this inspirational message here.

For more information regarding Zoey Tess, don’t hesitate to check out her official website, www.zoeytess.com.