Yummy Lee answered the call within her to step into the blue ocean of possibilities where mastery, the dignity of daring, and authenticity of audacity awaited her with a goal in mind and a passion in hand! She set out to chase her aspirations because the music made her feel alive — music motivated her in ways that nothing else could.

To say that Yummy Lee has been through it all would be an understatement as she experienced a lot more than your average person, with stuff like being a felon and dropping out at only the age of 17. However, despite this turbulent early beginning Yummy Lee managed to rise above her circumstances and she is determined in making a name for herself in the music scene. All of her unquenchable enthusiasm, dedication, hard work, and steely heart has culminated in this moment, where she has finally accumulated the impetus to fly, and fly she does. She is currently chasing her aspirations after being inspired by the fast life, and with her talent and positive attitude, she is confident that her music will affect generations after generations in all the right ways!

With upcoming singles set for release later this year, Yummy Lee has promised fans worldwide that they are in for a treat when it comes to her music because her journey so far has taught her how to deal with life’s ups and downs in order to become stronger as an artist. Her new music will infuse the hip-hop business with a sense of freshness and uniqueness that has been lacking in the industry for quite some time!

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