YQ Reed - Birthday Box

A 10-track compilation that was put together for YQ Reed’s birthday, “Birthday Box,” really is a masterpiece in punk rock music transcendence. The relatable yet fringy observations are set to a grimy, dingy, soulful, and at times whimsical soundtrack like in “Feople,” which is a coined reference for fear people.

With this release, the golden age of rock will be proud, yet something is unfamiliar. There is no coast or region that this sound is beholden to, and that is what makes the music here so special and genuinely brand new.

I have seen artists incorporate exciting narratives into their music, but few quite live out a song and tell stories with such poignancy and heartfelt conviction as YQ Reed in his masterpiece “Unknown” which really left a lasting impression on me.

His innate competency to tell a story through rollicking instrumentation, transporting the listener to a different place, and making them look through different lenses is the very definition of a rare trademark talent.

This track is nostalgic yet relevant, unheard of but still warmly familiar. The way he thinks of melody and finds melody in everything is quite apparent in this performance. His hypnotic allure is sure to shock and awe all who have the opportunity to savor this performance.

This entire collection is guaranteed to get the industry’s ears tingling. YQ Reed’s ability to paint vivid pictures with his words, coupled with his freakish cadences, transports the listener into a world of his creation. His use of visual metaphors and eloquence, combined with his golden voice, causes spontaneous time travel for those listening.

This record is a form of therapy for anyone looking for a meaningful and equally enthralling sound; the tracks are raw, honest, and mature, revealing YQ Reed’s compassionate personality behind each beautiful musical track!

Already streaming on all your favorite platforms, follow the attached link to listen to the album in its entirety and add the songs you enjoy the most to your music library.

If you are in a euphoric mood, you can also check out YQ Reed’s other album, “The Voyage,” that is now streaming on all popular platforms, including Spotify.

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