Yhung T.O. And Rayven Justice Once in a Lifetime

Embracing their talents fully, electrifying their focus and energy, amplifying their self-disciplines, and launching their careers each in their own ways has led to this moment of unison as the peerless duo Yhung T.O. and Rayven Justice take the center stage together by showcasing the music world a futuristic glimpse of what it is they are made up of! They have a new EP, “Once in a Lifetime”- a 6-piece spellbinding project that is going to put the industry on high alert. This stunningly invented body of art is an undeniable masterpiece in melodic improvisational and transcendence with tracks draped in ingratiating splendor of the nostalgic and modern R&B as well as the elegance of futuristic neo-soul classical for that ethereally gratifying listen!

There is something for everyone here. Right from the intro, you are hit with the flamboyantly immersive, “Make A Movie” as the duo back the tune with their smooth talking, sensual and seductively-painted vocals that smoothly slink through like a Rolls Royce in a super-highway. The way they easily make this an addicting tune is irrefutably why they are unapologetically them. This tune is deep and possesses a quality danceable attribute to it that you wouldn’t mind busting some moves to!

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“Fireworks” ignites all the deep and hidden emotions from within a listener. Its easily quotable lyrics and the way they are delivered make it a highly engaging phenomenal you wouldn’t mind getting lost to. The boys’ club put their heart and soul in this one and you can feel the emotions flying from the speakers directly to your heart.

Just imagine there are 4 more tracks that are diversely unique yet luxuriously stylish and bring with them therapeutic themes to allow you to savor in that world for some impactful moments-just enough to lose all your worries about the world. You really can’t make this up!

The EP is now available for pre-save and by following the attached link you are halfway through to it. This Friday, expect to be thoroughly moved for Yhung T.O. and Rayven Justice mean business!

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