Xenith is the musical project of Aaron Allen, based out of Chattanooga, TN. This isn’t just any project; it’s a musical calling to observe, question, meditate, heal, and take action. This project is the realization and concretization of his dreams to make an impact in the world via bigger platforms and larger scopes. Additionally, he empowers emerging artists and producers to leave their unique marks within this dynamic industry.

His talent, notoriety, and fan base are growing at an incredibly fast rate. By always coming up with new and fresh sounds, Xenith’s trail-blazing career shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. His drive, passion, and work ethic have allowed him to build an incredible catalog of songs and collaborations. His awe-inspiring musicianship shines through in amazing ways as you begin to listen to his artistry.

His latest EP, “acngl” is a slight departure from his previous work and a huge demonstration of his limitless creativity and versatility both as a songwriter and performer. He comes through with deeply haunting pieces with top-notch performances guaranteed to leave an indelible mark on a listener’s heart and soul. Most of the pieces were produced by Jason 22K, with one track each produced by Crybabycam and Bello.

“Stones” has so far received such vast critical acclaim that it already has more than 4K plays on SoundCloud. There is quite a contagious energy packed into this raw masterpiece that is transcendental and really whisks the listener away, offering an otherworldly listening experience.

Energetic and uplifting, the intoxicating blend of the hi-hats, snares, bass, 808s, and drums makes Xenith’s dreamy and auto-tuned vocals thrive as he ebbs and flows through the soundscape, exuding such an irresistible allure. This track makes you feel like you are on top of the world!

“Delirious” is another hypnotic banger that will have you in that state of music-inspired delirium thanks to that out-of-this-world beat. This is far from an ordinary beat, and Xenith masterfully rides it, transporting the listener to another dimension altogether. After replaying this track countless times, I’ve found it only gets better with each listen.

“Fast Lane” lives up to that title with the driving beat that is bass-fueled rattling the floor almost immediately. Other than that, there is something about this production that defies genre; the trap production incorporates elements of rock thrill, something I also noticed even with other tracks like “Ain’t No Looking Back” and “It Ain’t Like That.”

“It Ain’t Like That” feels like a party; this is the kind of beat that makes you forget everything else as you lose yourself and move with reckless abandon to the immersive blend of rhythm and melody. His melodious vocals ebb and flow with an irresistible allure over this stupendous production.

There is quite a lot for a music fan to ingest in this project that proves Xenith is a multi-dimensional artist who is seriously pushing genre boundaries to come up with equally unique and accessible music set to leave a listener with an irresistible feeling of gratification and enjoyment.

Through listening to and learning from his countless inspirations, he has developed an unbelievably brilliant knack for lyricism and catchy melodic hooks over excellent production.

His dedication and hard work are evident as he strives to make his mark; he’s on the verge of reaching a critical breakthrough.

“acngl” is now streaming on SOUNDCLOUD awaiting your stamp of approval; follow the attached link, stream the album in its entirety, and let the songs you dig the most find their way into your favorite playlist.

To keep up with Xenith’s musicianship, follow him on Instagram and spread the word.

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