Wong Diane is a rare musical gem and embodies the definition of trademark talent with her distinct voice, raw and organic storytelling approach, and innate competency to get to the heart of each and every composition. Her honest and vulnerable approach to songwriting is another strong element of her music, making her an artist to watch out for. With a staggering 56K Spotify monthly listeners and over a million collective streams, the future definitely seems bright for Diane!

“1st One Done” is Diane’s 3-track EP, in which she takes the listener on a blissful journey with her lyrical and vocal prowess. The way she taps into her emotions imbues each and every track here with a distinctive and authentic personal touch, leaving an indelible mark on a listener’s heart and soul.

“Bad Accident” features a minimal yet powerful intro, reinforced by Diane’s emotive and empathetic tone. Her vocals are dreamy, almost whispery, and Billie Eilish-like, with every verse in this performance feeling like a brushstroke on a musical canvas. As the track progresses, more color and edge are added with her expressive voice, allowing a listener to get completely lost in the music.

“Texts” features lively and upbeat instrumentation backed by an addicting vocal performance that is full of emotions. This performance is so engaging, it leaves you longing for more. Her voice is simply golden and warms your heart and soul in ways that not enough words can express.

“Now Only Me” has been a fan-favorite for some time now, and it is easy to see why; this is a raw masterpiece that demonstrates Diane’s impeccable showmanship way beyond her years. With the gentle and laid-back production, Diane’s voice takes center stage as she goes on to deliver a melancholic and emotion-drenched performance.

Laden with poetic references and metaphors, her vocal delivery has a soft theatrical style, this approach ties in well with the feel and emotive escapism of the writing. With this soul-touching performance, Diane proves that she is a beacon of authenticity in a world of alternative pop, backed by her openly vulnerable and honest lyrics.

“Now Only Me” is an introspective tale of pain and healing and is intensely personal; drawing upon Diane’s own experiences and emotions. Through her poignant lyrics and ethereal vocals, Diane compels a listener to reflect on their own emotions and find their own stories within her lyrics. The novel storytelling approach adopted here is quite simply thought-provoking.

To listen to this EP in its entirety, follow the attached link and add the music to your library.

Check out her website www.wongdiane.com and Instagram page for more updates.