Wabi Sabi plays, writes, and produces smooth jazz, chill soul, funky pop, reggae, Latin, and other musical genres in between. They effortlessly move through different sounds while remaining themselves and at home in them all. When listening to the music created by Wabi Sabi, you will experience unique but enjoyable sounds as you go through your activities during the day or night. The music expresses appreciation for life and experiences, struggles, relationships, happiness, pain, learning, and so on, and this is done by exploring musical styles; integrating different global patterns, keeping traditions and practices, and simultaneously breaking genre stereotypes. This collective is all about enjoying music and incorporating it into every aspect of life!

“The Love Insane” is Wabi Sabi’s latest project; 11 tracks make up the project, the ever-changing style of the band, shining brightly throughout an impressively eclectic collection, Featuring unforgettable songwriting journeys like the title track, “The Love Insane”, this album is a celebration of the band’s distinctive set-up and storytelling, with a superb blending of melody and production strength that ultimately raises the bar further still. Many arrangements have a feel-good pop, rock, soul, and reggae thrill with a gracious and crystal-clear lead and backing vocals, flanked by an unmistakable degree of passion driving things in the right direction.

The opening track, “The Truth” acts as a worthy example; it is simple and striking in its anthemic color and groove. The awe-inspiring melodies and harmonies are sure to warm your soul and get you dancing on your feet the more it progresses.

“The Truth” starts with entrancing keyboard keys and merges heartwarming, immersive, and infectious elements together. Featuring a stripped back intro that slowly and gradually builds up and soulful, warm lead vocals, this masterpiece is sure to pull you in and touch your soul. Vulnerability can be found within the song, bridging the gap between the audience and the band thanks to that emotional connection.

“I Am Ok” is a celebration of love—true love that changes a person for the better. The drum kick sets the tone for the song before the horn percussion, bass, and nice vocals blend graciously, openly ingratiating themselves with the listener.

“Sick Tuna” is another bona fide standout that has been incredibly written and superbly performed. Right from the get-go, you’ll just want to be dancing on your feet thanks to that irresistible concoction of the guitars, bass, drums, keys, and vocals that exude a delicious reggae vibe backed by a colorful wind instrument section that adds depth and sonic elegance to the track overall. This track is the shortest and definitely the sweetest for all those who like their music as succinct and danceable!

The title track stands out for obvious reasons…it is the title track! This is one addicting song that you simply cannot get out of your head. It feels nostalgic yet relevant, with a hypnotic blend of melody and rhythm that is bursting with head-nodding energy and one that will remain stuck in your head for as long as it can. I can still feel the rhythm.

There is so much more for a music lover to ingest from this record; the transparent, revealing, and intricate nature of this album is evident and consistent with Wabi Sabi’s passion for music. The sound here is faultlessly versatile, holding close to the band’s personal stories and maintaining a level of individuality that stands tall throughout.

“The Love Insane” serves as a timeless anthem for all those who appreciate good music and sharing life’s beautiful memories.

Already streaming on all the popular channels, how about you sink your teeth into this outstanding body of work and let us know how you feel.

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