Augustwolf is a musical outfit made up of multi-instrumentalists, composers, and producers Douglas Wolf Reid from the United States and Oleh Andrievsky from Ukraine. This perfect duo met online, igniting a unique musical chemistry, their music is the sound of phenomenally gifted composers and producers with a knack for transforming any kind of emotion into music with universal appeal. They have continued to create deeply personal music with high production values as they explore infinite sonic rabbit holes and craft musical fantasies.

Their new album, “Visual Music,” is an 11-track collection that reflects Augustwolf’s artistic depth and their passion for the craft. This album is also a testament to the duo’s fortitude and resilience, seeing their project through despite the considerable challenges following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

An impressive body of work, each track transitions into the next without the album losing its original shape. You will be treated to thrills, ecstasy, and sentimental masterpieces as the duo captivates listeners, leaving their distinctive mark on each track.

“Pursuit” is the opening track and exudes a gloriously cinematic feeling. It is grand in scope and wonderfully expressive in execution, as the duo offers the listener an instrumentally rich masterclass and an outstanding tune to digest.

“The Sorcerer’s Audition” is so captivating that it could fit into a Hollywood film soundtrack; it carries a dramatic element of anticipation, perfect for both your playlist and the theater.

“Ukraine Peace and War” is another standout track from this album. A statement masterpiece and dedication to the people of Ukraine who are being affected by this atrocious war that has really taken a toll on everybody. The charming guitar sets the tone before the track gradually builds up in dynamics and instrumentation, reflecting the emotions of war. This track affirms the need for a lasting peaceful resolution to be found…the sentimental outro, featuring the same guitar tone as the intro, is undeniably moving.

This tune also has a complementary music video on YouTube worth checking out.

To stream this exceptional body of work, follow the attached link and let the tracks you feel the most about find their way into your playlist.