Virginia the Genius has always dedicated her creative pursuits to delivering unforgettable and deeply relatable masterpieces. She has successfully been making iconic music with meaningful lyrics and deep messages behind every song. Virginia likes to create music that motivates and uplifts people while delivering unforgettable melodies and spectacular-sounding beats.

Virginia the Genius has a new album; “Love and Reality 3” which is her first ever- a 6-track collection that echoes the ups and downs of relationships, this album also serves as a commentary on Virginia the Genius’ personal journey that has been nothing short of inspiring- this is a highlight to the determination, resilience and unwavering faith in her own abilities.

This album is a bold declaration of Virginia’s position in the music industry and a testament to the strength of independent artists. With some upbeat tracks, catchy melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics, “Love and Reality 3” is sure to resonate with anyone who has experienced the good and the bad of relationships.

A track like “Stop Playing With Me” that features some pounding R&B-flavored beats reflects someone who has finally made up their mind and is not falling for the BS again because they never settle for less and know what they deserve. The beats here are trippy and offer solid support for Virginia’s soulfully raw vocals to flourish.

“You Stayed Down” sees Virginia the Genius float through the slick combination of R&B and hip hop with her first-rate lyricism being something to behold, and the way she manages to find her own niche with the sheer presence of her personality is just top-notch artistry. This tune celebrates true love- the eternal one that sees the partners holding it down for each other when times are rough. This is the anthem for all the real ones who are always there through thick and thin!

I love how in the track, “I’m Climbing,”  Virginia’s voice resonates between silky smooth and rhapsodic and urgent, carrying both the hurt of someone who has always been put down and the glorious sweetness of someone who always rises above all that—shining all the way to the top!

“Love and Reality 3” feels perfectly positioned to catapult Virginia the Genius into the arms of an eagerly awaiting public. This whole collection has got plenty of soul, with Virginia conveying a warm, deeply relatable core throughout this record, earning it immediate authenticity. A nimble vocalist, her performance here is poised and confident in a record that is impressive in lyrical content and delivery—matching the musical themes perfectly!

To get a taste of this impressive debut masterpiece; follow the attached link and add these tracks to your library!

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