As a Philly emcee, Vidpoet seems to bring a gun to a sword fight with his sophomore dose of Art Therapy. With the help of Steve Sperry, he continues from where he left off. It really makes me wonder if people still talk about rap as if it has five or even six elements. From where I’m sitting, I feel that there is only one element to hip hop, which is emceeing. This element gives “Art Therapy, Pt.2” a certain originality that is rarely found in the music industry today.

I have to give it to Vidpoet’s producer, who seems like a top-notch specimen when it comes to making boom trap—in fact, it is his straightforward complexity that really allows Vidpoet to spring to life with plenty of oxymorons of his own as well as enough verbal contortions to have you second guessing your therapist at times!

Vidpoet’s unorthodox and outside-the-box aesthetic will have the beats chasing after him and not the other way around. You won’t catch Vidpoet carelessly unleashing hell’s fury on some little tribe of heathens, but you will be made aware of an indie rap artist doing an indie thing, and not conceding to whatever trend. With such a masterful delivery as this, clearly, there is a place for all kinds of sophistication in rap music, and to the extent that Vidpoet is capable of toying with sophistication, there is a place for it in his own!

Vidpoet’s sharp, plainspoken Philly roots blend favorably with Sperry’s deadpan delivery and Philly-via-City inflections. Vidpoet’s homicidal yet clearly fantastical worldview contrasts sharply with a superstar who takes pains to present expensive toys, to-die-for vacations, and erotic dalliances as real-life adventures.

Throughout this 4-track EP, look out for lines that come straight out of vintage parlors as you enjoy unexpected cadences set against hyperreal interpretations of what a beat should be and is!

This is a sound geared towards the future—way ahead of its time, but since the world is turning a blind eye, it is now more than ever that we have to stay wide awake lest the future passes us by!

To experience the raw version of rap greatness, follow the attached YouTube link below!

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