There has been a lot of talk going on lately about bringing rap back to its roots; – dismissing it as lazy and cheap talk, a first-rate emcee from Philly vidpoet who believes in the freedom of artistic expression is seriously breaking down stereotypes at every turn. If we all revert back to the old school, what will be the point of living in the new age? Everything has its time, and while there are many artists who are serving the old-school generation, vidpoet prefers to be unique and authentic in his own way and not bow down to any pressure of trends. His music is for the daredevils and people who create brands rather than live through others’ shadows!

The music in “Art Therapy, Pt 1” is the most authentic music I have listened to in quite a while. It doesn’t get more original than this…and this is a huge testament to the self-sustaining empire vidpoet has built as he sets the standards for others to emulate. Working with record producer Steve Sperry is also the best thing to happen to this collection. They exude such indestructible chemistry that is very rare in the hip-hop industry.

It is sobering, all of it; how a 4-track specimen as this can defy bounds and still feel familiar and nostalgic at the same time, but only if you listen closely enough. Vidpoet brings his own flavor to the game by using rap techniques such as syllable-sliding and switching his rhyme schemes and patterns, while still keeping it very professional, as you can hear, bar for bar, track by track in this EP.

Vidpoet’s lyrical content is also not for the faint of heart; he may sometimes come off as venomous, all in the service of musical ingenuity, and will still manage to leave you speechless at his effortless delivery of complicated rhyme patterns, littered with lyrical puns, witty bars, and hard-hitting punchlines. So in some of the tracks, once your ears have been trampled by brashness masquerading as ignorance, then uplifted with his humorous charm, you will understand why this multitalented, seemingly unstoppable lyricist is on a meteoric rise to the top tier of the Philadelphia hip hop scene!

Let’s talk about that unbeatable production in, “Lacrosse Hosse” that sees a bit of everything brought together to give it a multicolored feel. Sperry must have been on some illegal sh*t the way he goes rogue on those melodies and rhythms- this is a head-spinning lethal cocktail with the rock-flavored anthemic melodies tailor-made for partying.

The electronic guitars are my favorite bits, and I just love how the vidpoet understood the assignment, coming with a conventionally chucklesome lyrical approach that may be deemed devoid of self-consciousness, and that is exactly what makes it even more entertaining. This unique melodicism really gives it that cinematic touch that is a joy to experience!

In, “Model Poem,”  vidpoet maintains a consistent flow at a brisk pace, without taking breaks or missing a beat; I feel like Sperry had quite a task making the beats conform to vidpoet’s performance…at the end of the day, he did a commendable job. This track is haunting like a horror film as vidpoet comes through like an incarnated Shakespeare.

In the banger, “Unfinished Sculpture, Pt 1”, vidpoet proves that he possesses that knack for the street vibe and vintage collection in an effortless demeanor. Like an exciting 1960s telenovela, he grabs your attention over the occasional turntable scratch as he goes on to annihilate the beats.

With this collection, both vidpoet and Sperry prove that uniqueness is indeed its own form of artistic perfection!

While the sun still shines, make hay by following the link below and experiencing epic greatness like never before!

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