In the delicate realms of music, where emotions dance to the symphony of words and melodies, there emerges a songstress whose voice possesses the power to transport listeners to a world where vulnerability and strength converge. Victoria Ryder is a 19-year old American singer-songwriter whose journey has been marked by extraordinary songwriting prowess and unbeatable charisma and confidence that inspire her every composition and musical note. She has always found solace in the captivating works of female superstars like Lana Del Rey, immersing herself wholly in their compositions. These influential storytellers ignited a creative fire within her, setting the stage for her own musical odyssey.

Very few artists can accomplish the formidable task of exploring the depths of their emotions with such profound conviction and intimacy quite the way Victoria does in her new single “Enticing Eyes”- a beautifully haunting and sad, romance-fueled masterpiece.

The tune features a warm, gentle, stripped-back, yet mellow intro that lays the bedrock for Victoria’s sultry, soft, and dreamy vocals that lean towards a whispery tone

Her performance is alluring and emotional, with Billie Eilish-like sensibilities, as she ebbs and flows through the alt-pop instrumentation with such elegance and grace.

This performance showcases Victoria as a beacon of authenticity in the world of noir pop, a feat she manages with effortless grace.

The lyrics are introspective and openly vulnerable in what is an intensely personal song that draws from personal experiences and emotions.

The track’s melodic arrangements pick up as the track progresses, with Victoria’s voice remaining authoritative and expressive all through.

Her performance allows the listener to immerse themselves in the song, identifying their own experiences within the lyrics, ultimately finding a personal connection.

An excellently produced track that is well mixed and expertly executed, “Enticing Eyes” is an easy recommendation to any music lover out there.

Already streaming on all the popular platforms, this is your chance to experience a raw masterpiece. Follow the attached link and add this melodious journey to your playlist.

For more insights into Victoria’s artistry, check her out on her official Instagram page.