He is a real dance floor annihilator whose versatility in electropop, Latin pop, and, to some extent, EDM is unprecedented. His modern, nostalgic, and innovative twists and turns always ensure that you are treated to never-ending thrills. His name is Victor Morssali, a Swedish producer and artist with Iranian roots who possesses an insatiable penchant for the Mediterranean lifestyle, which he seamlessly integrates into his boundary-pushing music, guaranteed to stop you in your tracks, and if, like me, you can’t contain yourself, then you’re bound to move with carefree abandon in time with the beat.

With the banger, “Ours for the Taking,” Victor envelops listeners in an electro-hazy dance-floor stunner that evokes the spirit of 2010s dance music, with the inescapable Latin influences adding such immersive depth and clarity to this impressive piece of music.

The blend of energetic dance rhythm, Latin percussion, and enchanting vocals is eargasmic…the lyrics, intertwining themes of love and youth and reflected through the sparkling beat to mirror that youthful exuberance and the feeling of having the whole world for the taking—and what’s not to love about having the world all to yourself and being in love?

A hypnotic melodic line from the track will remain ingrained in your brain even after the song ends, and the beauty about this song is that it does not conform to the cookie-cutter racy Latin dance quintessence but really maintains a pleasurable electropop filmic rhythm with exotic influences, demonstrating his inimitable showmanship.

It is little wonder why “Ours for the Taking” has over half a million streams on Spotify alone; this is a masterpiece in electropop and Latin music transcendence and deserves to reach the 1 million stream mark for its exceptional quality.

The melodies are hypnotic, the message is there, the production and arrangement are first-rate, and the execution is simply stupendous

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