A track like “On the Aux” has the potential to age like fine wine, reflecting the culmination of impeccable artistry and progressive sound design; this is the ultimate distillation of impeccable artistry and progressive sound mechanics from an artist who’s got what it takes to reach and surpass higher expectations. Born in Kansas City, Kansas, music was an ever-present part of Tyler LaRon’s life growing up, seeing that his own dad was a rapper and singer and his mom was an aspiring singer…one could infer that he is carrying forward the musical legacy of both his parents.

A track like “On the Aux” showcases why it’s challenging to categorize Tyler LaRon’s music within strict confines— even though he maintains a consistent hip-hop and R&B brand, you can feel he is always looking for ways to make his sound different and rare, something that you don’t find in mainstream music today.

His expressive voice is ideal for this style of music; he comes off Bryson Tiller-ish with hypnotic vocals over the well-laid beats that offer a bed of support for his smooth deliverability to flourish.

There has always been something liberating about taking a solo drive as the open road spreads out ahead of you and with music like this as your accompaniment. This performance could be deemed worthy of larger-than-life portrayals, potentially leaving listeners feeling inspired and invigorated due to its emotive delivery.

The track’s captivating hooks also mean that it is guaranteed to take up residence in its listener’s head for the rest of the day…and who wouldn’t want such an ear worming masterpiece haunting them by the day?

“On the Aux” is shining proof of what Tyler LaRon is capable of when he hits the studio. This is a hit masterpiece with replay value and embodies what LaRon’s artistry s all about; versatility and creativity!

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