Patrick van Zandwijk is the brain behind TuskHead and the maker of beguiling alternative country/Americana/folk music who hails from Herwijnen, Netherlands. He has been writing for over 10 years and has been performing as TuskHead for about 3 years. His music luminaries include The White Buffalo, David Ramirez and Paul Cauthen. “Change of Shape” is his first full-length album consisting of 7 tracks that bring the old country music re-imagined. The melodies feature fascinating storylines of love, loss, hurt, and relationship and like a perfectly weighted balance, some of the melodies evoke feelings of relief, acceptance, healing, and new hope after the turmoil of heartbreak and hurt.

TuskHead will be commanding the microphone with that robust, charismatic twang perfect for country music as he delivers in equal parts heart and wit in the performance of the songs’ emotional message. The album is made up of the following tracks: “Time to Go Home”, “Let Go”, “What we Had”, “Saddle Up”, “Last Breath”, “Out of Here” and “Better Man”. In a moment of pure genre excellence, TuskHead in the making of this album employs the use of stories on which to build the songs since the narrative is extremely important and it provides a strong and compelling element that binds those tunes and genres of Americana and folk together.

The personal stories of love, loss and experience will instantaneously resonate with those who listen to the tracks and reflect on their own life stories through the melodies. This is where the gist of country music resides and TuskHead in his own genuine wisdom is about to make country music great again. The album will be out on the 27th of May and you can expect some fireworks and some true and touching stories re-told in melodic fashion with the accompanying twanging vocals doing something to the heart that words alone do not qualify to express.

In the making of this album, TuskHead collaborated with Jim Vickers of Fragile Art for the album’s artwork and CD design.

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