Tuji’s creative career spans a number of disciplines; he is a rapper, songwriter, producer, and actor. At his core, however, Tuji is simply, formidably a storyteller. Everything he creates has his blood running through it. He has built his sound upon genre-defying, unpredictable musical landscapes and raw, aggressive performances. His raw, impassioned, and hoarse vocals give vibrant life to his sound’s vivid lyrics, with his gift for storytelling as apparent on stage as it is on page. His voice, big, bold, and expressive, is an uncontainable force and one of the things that stand out about his outstanding artistry. Pulsing with street-flavored hip hop rockers balanced with vivid storytelling, his unvarnished authenticity, musicianship, and lyricism will leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul.

Tuji is rapidly and rightfully gaining ground in the music industry, with his unique artistic output drawing the attention of none other than Compton’s hip hop legend The Game, who cosigned him.

Tuji has hit the ground running and is not showing signs of slowing down, with hit releases scheduled throughout this year and the next. He is dedicated to feeding the streets with his intensely moving music that takes inspiration from everyday life.

On that list of bangers to drop is an enchanting and emotional masterpiece, “Daddy was a Preacher Man,” that is expected to officially drop on June 16, 2024, which will be Father’s Day.

Well, this song is an ode to his own dad, from whom Tuji learned a lot with his lessons and interactions, breeding the man he is today with a forward-thinking and visionary capacity that is allowing him to win in all his endeavors.

Such a heartwarming tribute to his father, this song will be the perfect anthem to honor all Dads on that special day.

This is one of those masterpieces that hits you right in the feels owing to the honest, deeply introspective, and vulnerable lyrics.

As someone who is at the summit of his creative expression, Tuji is turning the game on its head with his rare trademark talent and really deserves your attention.

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