Based out of Syracuse, New York, Trigg the Ruler is a 26-year-old music video director, music marketer, manager, and graphic designer. His career in music started as early as 2012 with his bedroom studio equipment, where he was a rapper and was also trying out other things such as mixing, mastering, and shooting and editing his own music videos as well as those of others. He has always showcased a kind of unbeatable work ethic and a confidence you can only earn, which has allowed him to continuously reinvest in himself and his gifts, refusing to stand still and always looking to capitalize on his irrefutably creative talents.

Recently, he has been making waves with his video directing work, working with Polo G’s signee Scorey as well as his own artist, Leekindacut, a Syracuse-based feisty rapper whom Trigg the Ruler describes as ‘the next big thing!’

Trigg the Ruler wants to expand his empire so that he can do more great things, which is why he wants to start his own record label.  Trigg the Ruler feels that artist development has been increasingly ignored in the music world, with so many labels prioritizing profits and numbers over talent creation and nurturing, and he is now more motivated than ever to change the status quo.

Trigg the Ruler is seeking to be able to provide that platform for genuinely gifted artists to showcase their talents and provide that sort of protective wing where the label shelters them from being taken advantage of and their talent only being used for convenience.

He wants to give back to artists and work with them as opposed to them working for him…a collaborative effort where everyone benefits and most importantly, artist’s gifts are developed as they go on to lead burgeoning careers in music.

Trigg the Ruler will still be involved in his directing of course because that has always been his passion and you really don’t expect him to run away from any challenge no matter how tedious it may feel. So, it’s game on for him!

To stay on top of his visionary artistic work and get real-time updates as to when they happen, follow Trigg the Ruler on Instagram and get inspired!

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