We have been through quite many generations of hip hop, with each generation trying to outdo the other, and while the grapple continues on which sound makes the most sense or the different layers to hip hop, listening to The Unusuals has made me appreciate the very basic component of hip hop; – emceeing! It does not matter whether you are privy to the golden age or the more modern age, the precision and technique involved in the art of emceeing ultimately define real rappers from wannabe mumble rappers!

With that said, The Unusuals, an international duo made up of Xperience and Ninjaface, have been setting the blueprint for what rap music is all about. By balancing the edge of the golden age of rap with a more modern punch, they have been acting as the bridge that has been connecting the two clashing worlds.

“THE WAKE” is delivered with an immediate authenticity, and it is not until you listen to it in its entirety that you realize how you have incredibly been misusing the term ‘banger’; this track embodies banger from head to toe.

Ninjaface is his usual chatty self, coming through with a concoction of masterful rhymes and scholarly wordplay exuding his signature witty charm. Delivering wise perspectives over the nostalgic underground melodies, Xperience is not short of erudite flows of his own flanked by his resplendent vocals.

Trading verses and flows like boxers in a ring exchanging blows, The Unusuals ensure they have your attention as you crank the volume all the way up and get sucked into the performance so deeply that you don’t want out!

At its heart, “THE WAKE” tackles a deeply significant theme about the kind of darkness and fear that keeps us awake; toying with our fragile emotions and thoughts for its own pleasure, which we must not yield to if we are to conquer the world within!

The lyrical performances are punchy and clear as light of day…the hook is infectious and haunting, just like the duo intended it to be!

This is rare trademark talent that deserves to make its presence felt over your playlist, and this is your chance to do that one good thing in your life; please don’t mess this up!

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