International hip hop duo, The Unusuals, based out of the Pacific Northwest, have always displayed a knack for creating hit music, and their latest single, “My Name,” is no different. “My Name” showcases artists who are at the top of their creative expression and want to take this ride with the listener. As we’ve come to expect from this inimitable duo, who write magnificent lyrics that they deliver powerfully with their distinct voices that are so pleasant to hear, this new track marks another significant milestone in their burgeoning career.

“My Name” is quite unique and accessible and has been set to a nostalgic beat that takes the listener back and allows their thoughts to be nourished. This is such a lyrical masterclass that has been given a healthy dose of R&B through guest singer Tiffany Wilson’s beautifully haunting and soulful voice.

Unleashing their lyrical dominance, The Unusuals levitate over the beat, trading bars and flows with such artful ferocity that they sound like some professional mixed martial arts fighters. The end result is rhythmically mesmerizing flows that are full of wisdom and positivity.

The Unusuals’ dedication to their craft is evident in every aspect of this track, and their passion for hip-hop and rap shines through as they display such uniqueness and lyrical prowess.

The accompanying lyric video is the perfect supplement to this masterpiece, both in its narrative and storyline. It means that you not only get to enjoy the music but also feel and connect with the lyrics, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you deserve this song in your playlist if you are indeed serious about your taste in music.

“My Name” is a worthy addition to The Unusuals’ stunning catalog that will go on to establish them as prominent figures in the hip-hop industry.

To experience this delectable masterpiece, follow the attached link, subscribe to The Unusuals’ YouTube channel, like the lyric video, share this track, and most importantly, add it to your music library.