The Happy Curmudgeons’ boundless dedication to their craft is matched only by their ambition and relentless pursuit of musical excellence. It is hard for you to separate them from their music because then, you’ll have nothing left. They pride themselves on their authenticity and versatility, which allows them to walk through different styles while still remaining themselves and at home in all of them. And what’s more, their stage presence is magnetic, drawing audiences into their world of music and emotion. With a massive following that keeps on growing by the day, it was little surprise that the Spectra Music Group actually reached out to sign with them. Now, the sky is more than the limit for The Happy Curmudgeons as they seek to take their craft even higher and astonish the world with their artistic integrity and performance prowess.

Be Kind” is a single off of The Happy Curmudgeons’ eagerly anticipated sophomore album, “2nd Chances.” If anything, this masterpiece confirms to us the kind of gems and treats we are in for when the whole album finally drops on July 26, 2024.

Blending folk, country, and Americana, “Be Kind” showcases The Happy Curmudgeons’ unique genre-blending creativity. The song opens with the soulful vocals of Dave Hamilton, transitioning seamlessly to the heartfelt harmonies of Jeff Warner and Amy Dixon-Lavery. As the song progresses, Mark Byerly’s trumpet adds a captivating layer, elevating the deeply relatable lyrics. Adding another dimension to this track is the amazing saxophone performance by Dave McMurray (courtesy of Blue Note Records). McMurray, known for his work with the Rolling Stones and Bobby Weir, is currently touring with Don Was & The Pan-Detroit Ensemble.

The acoustic guitar, strummed with impeccable prowess, sets the tone for the song, as more color and depth are added by the distinct bass, precise drums, and occasional saxophone, which give the jam its cinematic feel.

In a world that is naturally unkind, the best you can do is be kind. Everyone is already battling demons you know nothing about, and the best that we can do is not add to their misery by inflicting our own mean-spiritedness on them.

Instantly identifiable and engaging thanks to the quotable lyrics and catchy hook, “Be Kind” is a must-have for anyone who values original music.

I also love how cinematic the jam gets as it progresses, with the intensity upped a bit through a shimmery concoction of the percussive instruments and the band’s own energetic execution!

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