With an intimate voice of gold flanked by an innate authenticity and an air of vulnerability, singer-songwriter Sydney Hancock’s journey wasn’t necessarily curved for the professional music industry—not until she was involved in an accident in her early 20s, which saw a change of fortune. Delving deep into piano playing and songwriting to seek sanctuary, a newfound love and passion were ignited, and that is how she has been honing her skills in both songwriting and performance—transferring real-life emotions and events into melodies with near universal appeal.

Having grown up in Maine, that New England lifestyle and heritage curses through her blood veins; it is where she spent a huge chunk of her life, where unforgettable memories were experienced and lifelong friendships were forged. It was always going to be bittersweet to leave such behind in favor of more growth and opportunities; her latest track, “Flannel,” echoes that over a lush and pop-esque soundscape.

Through an attractive blend of instrumentation that features a mellow guitar, dulcet piano, and thoughtfully hit drums, Sydney Hancock shines through the splendorous mix with her golden and angelic voice as she gives an ode to both growth and nostalgia for days spent, memories shared, and life lived in your hometown.

Sydney Hancock is intimate and lyrically expressive to allow the listener to develop their own deep and genuine connections with the lyrics, and that is what makes this tune deeply relatable. She also has that kind of soft, pure voice that perfectly fits in with this style of music.

At its heart, “Flannel” has an unforgettable chorus that will take up residence in your head for the rest of the day. Sydney’s lead and backing vocal harmonies lure a listener in and reward them with an ear-worming experience.

A profoundly touching masterpiece backed by a passionate vocal presentation, “Flannel” is a radio-friendly tune that deserves to be in any music lover’s library…follow the attached link and relish this authentic performance.

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