Sunday Café Records A Sunday Kind of Love, Vol. 1

Sunday Café Records is a record label that brings like-minded artists on board for a very extensive brand of electronic music that has some firm foundations in EDM, techno and house as well as other eclectic and dance-inspired soundscapes. They are all about the positive and good vibes and also spreading musical culture within the realm of world music and borders! The style of music here does not really conform to the genre restrictions as they seek to break the boundaries present in the electronic music space!

They brought together the artists, Kebi, Zach Fields, Tales of Joy, Dad of the Year, Ollie Darling, Jason Joyal, Ryan Golbus, Michael Badon, Hauxey and Deep2Tech for an ethereally inspired 13-track collection christened, “A Sunday Kind Of Love Vol. 1.”

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There is absolutely fascination and intrigue with every tune in here bringing very unique emotions and allowing a listener that solace to gravitate to whichever tracks they find the most fanciful. “Knock Knock” by Dad of the year for example has the Caribbean feel with the reggae-infused melodicism that is so perfect for summertime introspection while lying on the beach sun-baked and living your best life!

“Doubt” by Ollie Darling is very deep and sparkles within the realms of hypnotic deep-house music with the shimmery beatport melodic techno and house influence giving this tune a very captivating glow that you simply cannot get enough of!

“Desert Heat” by Ryan Golbus featuring Michael Badon is also a deep-house track with the robotic vocal drops exceptionally impactful and allowing this tune that depth and weight. The way the tune melodically ascends is also a major highlight that ensures a listener is heavily invested and keeps guessing on what to expect next.

“Mystic Meditation” brings together two virtuosos; Kebi and Zach Fields in what is a stunningly invented euphonious track that is very soothing and tranquil and allows you the tranquility that nature’s elements afford. The melodies trickle down from the blissful waterfalls and the chirps and a number of nature’s most effective sounds blended with invented expertise for a splendorous listening experience.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are so many melodies in here to last you a lifetime! Follow the attached link and find out which tracks you most resonate with!

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