By now, Strategy KI’s reputation precedes him; his UK-based accomplishments as a lyricist, hitmaker, and performing artist have been extraordinary as he proves his dexterity and ability to handle adult contemporary hip hop, grime, and dancehall. The result of this has been, of course, an across-the-board appeal that has been matched by a few artists of his era, and that is what gives him an edge over the other upcoming artists. Over time and with admirable consistency, Strategy KI has developed a virtuosic rapping style boiling over with swooping, flashy, melodic embellishments as he makes a huge name for himself inside and outside of the UK. His work has drawn criticism and praise in equal measure from rap loyalists and firm hip-hop purists.

With a Halloween-inspired special, Strategy KI is here with a straight banger dubbed “Monster They Made.” Strategy KI’s sharp, straightforward British tunes blend well with the bass-draped and 808’s defined hip-hop-relevant instrumentation, creating a thrillingly unforgettable experience.

A man of many talents who is not shy to display his versatile side; Strategy KI offers deadpan delivery and UK-grime inflections, delivering unmistakably with his straight-shooting lyricism as he presents the real street rap as you remember it from way back in the 80s and 90s.

One thing is for certain; Strategy KI knows how to read the market, and “Monster You Made” is an indisputable highlight at that—it ticks all the boxes from the melody to the lyricism and finally to that insane complementary visual cinematography that makes for the official music video.

You will get lost in the visual display from the first minute all the way to the last one, with Strategy KI’s lyrical imagination grabbing your ears and the visual display in front of you capturing your attention; it is little wonder why this music video already has over 33K views in such a short period!

To listen to “Monster They Made” as you watch the stunningly innovative visual filmography, follow the attached link, subscribe to Strategy KI’s YouTube channel, like this track, and share your thoughts in the comment section!

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