Strange Majik, an alternative rock virtuoso based in NYC, known for his soulful vocals, gritty guitar riffs, and electrifying stage presence, draws inspiration from the golden era of 70’s rock ‘n roll to create music that captures the essence of NYC nightlife with a modern twist. This is amply showcased in his latest 10-song LP, “NYC Animal” which has been generating positive buzz on the international music scene for quite a while now.

This rock & roll aficionado unleashes a sonic masterpiece that harks back to the golden era of 70’s rock ‘n roll with this title track. With subtle influences ranging from seventies funk rock to psych and indie, Strange Majik captures the gritty yet glamorous essence of NYC nightlife in a vivid, color-rich snapshot of musical nostalgia.

“NYC Animal” exudes an electric spirit and undying allure, drawing listeners into a world of unbridled energy and captivating storytelling. Majik’s soulful, strong vocals transport listeners straight to the seventies, evoking an unfiltered grit that is uniquely his own while paying homage to the hallmarks of the era.

The track’s lyrics echo the party life of a rebellious teenager, showcasing the signature themes of rebellion, freedom, and youthful exuberance. Majik delivers a high-energy performance that leaves a listener wanting more. You get to experience spontaneity, improvisation, and that sense of danger that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The strong and driving rhythm accentuated by the prominent drums and bass lines, iconic electric guitar riffs, and the delectable saxophone exude an infectious beat that serves as the backbone of the music, encouraging you to move and groove.

Majik’s soulful vocals showcase such passion and energy, as his emotive delivery perfectly conveys the emotion and intensity in his performance. The way he belts out the phrase “Howl” captivates listeners every time!

Accompanied by a high-quality visual that perfectly captures the essence of the song, both in storyline and symbolism, “NYC Animal” offers audiences a time-traveling journey through the enduring cityscape of New York City.

Experience the gritty glamour of “NYC Animal” by Strange Majik, available now on all major streaming platforms.