Stolengoods is focused in feeding us to the metaverse whilst Jack is still trying to pen a verse! This Virginia Beach native wants to showcase a unique and different way to artistry which he hopes will be appreciated the same way. Stolengoods is a bartender and owns a virtual reality company where he transforms his virtual fascinations into reality and his dream is to be one of the most recognized meta artists of our generation. You better believe that this dream is not farfetched as has been transforming it into reality- one release at a time!

“Atlantic Ave” is that quality masterpiece that is not only brimming with melodic spark but has a complementary visual reality treat in the form of a metaverse-inspired music video to take you to within the realms of limitless imagination when it comes to virtual reality.

“Atlantic Ave” was actually inspired by every day and night living around the VA Beach; the walks, the skating, partying down the street called Atlantic Ave and guess what? – It was where Stolengoods found his love! This authentic piece is very melodious and shimmers through with addicting beats and rhythm with is powerful harmonious vocals breathing life into this narrative.

Somewhat dreamy and emo-inspired this track pays homage to modern pop/ Hip-hop as Stolengoods sing-song ability flourishes, turning this into an endearing anthem you just want to vibe to all day and night long!

The capstone of this melody rests in that metaverse-inspired music video; it is such a visual stunner and one of the most stunningly invented showpieces I have watched in a long time. This is actually the 1st music video shot inside the metaverse and it is a stunner- eye-catching from the first scene all the way to the last one!

Listening to such an infectious track while watching such ingenious visual content is why “Atlantic Ave” has to be the favorite track of the day!

The meta video is out on YouTube and the other versions will be back on your favorite platforms as from this Friday. Meanwhile to enjoy this visual sensation; follow the attached link, subscribe to Stolengoods’ YouTube channel, watch this masterpiece and leave a comment below on how you feel about his work!

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