Multicolored rock duo Stereo Glow has been turning heads with their brand of high-octane melodic rock that is equally as cathartic as it is visceral. Their sound coherently blends audacious lyricism and unabated instrumentation, mirroring the spirit and attitude of alternative rock with both their dynamic presence commanding the stage (and sometimes the floor), relentlessly working the crowd with impassioned vocals and nonstop action. I am happy to report that their new single, “Captivation,” off of their much-awaited album is no different!

This banger really lives up to its title; it is captivating and energetic, to say the least, with a seamless pop-rock crossover appeal. On the vocal front, this is such an astonishing duet with Stereo Glow’s distinctive voices that carry that raw and emotive quality that haunts the listener from start all the way to the finish!

The cheerful and pop-inspired chorus captivates the listener, leaving them wanting more. There are, of course, the hard-hitting guitar riffs and driving rhythms that really create that sense of urgency and intensity throughout the track’s length.

From the very beginning, the melodically explosive instrumentation and intense vocals of “Captivation” grab the listener’s attention and refuse to let go until the end.

Stereo Glow’s ability to seamlessly blend different genres into their rock music is one of the things that make them stand out, and “Captivation” is a perfect example with its driving guitar riffs that evoke the best of 90s alternative rock.

The production here is superb, with that crunchy and lustrous sound that highlights the strengths of the tune. The mix of the song is top-notch, with the Stereo Glow’s voices front and center, and the instrumentation is perfectly balanced to fashion that full and dynamic sound. The lyrics are powerful and inspiring and really highlight Stereo Glow’s exceptional skills as songwriters, musicians, and performers.

I have a feeling you’re going to get excited about this dazzling song as we patiently wait for the duo to release their new album in May 2023.

As of now, it is only right that you enjoy this authentic masterpiece and make sure the volume is at its maximum. Follow the attached link and simply enjoy!

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