Since their formation, the 3-piece band Square Pyramid made up of John Alexander, Joe Riccio, and Eric Austin has put together a very dynamic and nostalgic signature sound that has been effective in its execution and vibrant in its performance value. As products of the 80s and early 90s classic rock music, the thing that each and every member always kept in mind is what has always sounded good throughout their lives. The band’s inspiration came from artists who created music in the most unique ways. Now, they represent the classic rock music scene, having soaked up some of the many things that make the golden age sound so special!

Square Pyramid Band mingles texture and layers to fashion music that draws their audience into an experience of sound, rhythm, and cadence. They are set to continue evolving and emerging uniquely in the music industry because each member here is a seasoned, diversely talented musician who then blends their individual and distinct styles to craft a sound that is truly rare.

Their self-titled album, “Square Pyramid” is rich and intricate and spans the spectrum from clean to grit and ambient to rocking by mastering clean guitar riffs with vivacious drums and distorted amps. Square Pyramid fills the spaces with complex and rhythmic grooves, fascinating listeners while they connect on another higher level outside the lyrical storytelling!

Coming from the side of the rock that is more melodic, less abrasive, and relatively angst-free, “Square Pyramid” displays unprecedented contrast from the gritty and serious tones of previous underground rock styles as well as being a departure from the glamour of contemporary pop music- but this is not to say that there aren’t teases with the more abrasive hard rock (self-limitation is not in Square Pyramid’s DNA!

“Crimea” embodies a classic rocker, featuring strong rhythms, strong melodies, and melodic improvisation that stretches the boundaries of harmony as they freely improvise and interact with the crafty ensemble. Integrating with the highly syncopated rhythms is a highlight of the band’s detailed musical knowledge. May I also say that the vocals are faultlessly powerful and pertain to the genre appeal of classic rock!

Is the track “Run Down Dirty Soul” boasting some hints of Rock N Roll or I am just overexcited? This is one ear-worming stunner that is clearly demonstrated through that diligent combination of a breakthrough sound that has the heaviness and the melodic approach with Square Pyramid putting forth an insatiate dose of energy you’d expect from a metal outfit. The subtly placed earth-shuttering drum grooves and dynamically crafty drop-tuned guitar riffs is this banger in a nutshell!

As the track “Fixing a Hole” builds, the 3-man army unleashes a timeless medley of electric guitars, upright bass, and some self-assured vocals, laying the climaxing foundation with a firm automotive anthem.

The track “Rose Hill” at least brings its listener back to earth with its memorable melodies, giving it a timeless appeal. This tune radiates with an extremely catchy melody, bolstered by the lead vocalist’s earworming vocal performance. As one of the most melodious and least gritty songs on the album, it creates a haunting dichotomy that will remain with a listener outside of the track.

If I were to go on and on, we’d have the whole night here, and even though I am itching to do so, I’d love for you to find out for yourself what this 11-piece collection boasts in its entirety!

To stream “Square Pyramid” and find out which magic tunes you will fall in love with more, follow the attached link and let the show begin!

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