Sparks In The Garden - Your Hand In Mine

The music of this super duo made up of brothers Tim and CJ could be described as a mix of…well…folk and indie-tuned pop-rock with a heavy reference to a wide range of vocal and acoustic stylings to create each song a bit differently from the other. If one were to categorize Sparks In The Garden, it’d be a bit difficult and maybe unfair to just box them when all they do is deliver a multicolored sound that is as visceral as it is cathartic. Perhaps they are leaning towards a genre-bending sound that blends rough soul and folk vocals with driving rock combined with ‘80s pop?

Regardless of where one would put Sparks In The Garden in the musical genre chart, the duo is doing their best to push the genre boundaries and not limit themselves to what types of music they provide. After tearing a hole in the mainstream scene with their incredible “Colorado” single, Sparks In The Garden are back with another equally enchanting ballad dubbed “Your Hand In Mine”

You really don’t need to fathom rocket science to feel that this is a love-inspired masterpiece. An engrossing track with a high replay value, the awe-inspiring acoustic guitar, and the captivatingly raw vocal presentation are my favorite bits from this entrancing new release.

Aside from showing their obvious vocal gift and penchant for fusing heartfelt lyrics with a catchy melody, this tune also allows Sparks In The Garden to demonstrate their dexterities as accomplished multi-instrumentalists. The track is brimming with both guitar and drum virtuosity, which highlights the strengths of the track within the realms of pop-rock.

This is the kind of tune that leaves a listener wishing there was just one more verse, so that you can keep reveling in that goosebump-inducing, once-in-a-lifetime performance that takes residence in your brain for the rest of the day!

There is even more reason for a listener to get excited about this track because it has an accompanying lyric video that allows you to sing along as you dance across the floor of the house ecstatically!

To start this lifelong love affair with “Your Hand In Mine,”  follow the attached YouTube link, subscribe to Sparks In The Garden’s channel, like the video, and leave a comment below it.

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