Souleye’s inexplicably punctilious collection captures the unwavering existential hip-hop vibrancy that the music world could do with right at this moment. As one of the leading voices in the USA’s burgeoning rap music scene, Souleye’s sharp-witted, plainspoken New England tunes fully immerse a listener into an unforgettable listening experience. And as someone who has led a budding career spanning over half a decade of success with a rapidly growing legion of fans behind him, Souleye has quickly built up one of the most impressive discographies in the hip-hop genre, and this latest addition is simply a huge testament to the growth and versatility of a progressive artist who refuses to stand still—and let’s be honest if anyone was going to do it, it was certainly going to be Souleye!

Existing well inside the potential billboard charting bubble, this 13-track album contains an almost unparalleled level of emotional depth and authenticity and feels like a warning of the music Souleye will soon create. With this sonically and lyrically appealing masterpiece, Souleye has fully realized his forward-thinking artistry that has so far flanked his glamorous career.

The tracks on this record will challenge, inspire, and hypnotize listeners in ways they have never experienced before. In his own ingenious way, Souleye has taken the rap sound and wrapped it into an alternate reality!

“Emergency,”  the supporting single released last spring featuring his wife and seven-time Grammy Award-winning songstress Alanis Morissette, has been a mainstream success ever since it dropped, even attracting a special remix by veteran producer ill.GATES last fall.

And let’s talk about this breathtaking duet for a second, shall we? It’s not so often that you listen to music that really leaves that indelible imprint on your every inch of the soul quite the way this track does—there is just a whole lot of replay value here…the duo just went into the studio and made a hit. It’s more like watching your favorite blockbuster film where the main protagonist keeps changing tactics to survive for your own pleasure and thrill…I mean it is so fascinating just how Souleye manages to come off as multiple persons—all the while knocking his performance out of the park and still doing it so effortlessly; it gives me some NF-rising moments.

His predatory instinct is as apparent on stage as it is on paper, and that is the thing about this entire collection…it was possibly made with an alien-invasive mind’s inspiration behind it; this is more direct, heavy, and tenacious.

Guest lyrists Big Samir and Main Flow make the track “Letter To The Old Me” a worthwhile, eargasm-inducing three (some). The sensationally gifted vocalist and activist Lila Rose delivers a beautifully haunting backup show in “The Unheard,” and the South African rock artist adds variety and color to the banger “Protected.”

“Disguised As Tomorrow” is special and it is mystical in its own right—Souleye packaged music he wished existed both for himself and for us; as such, we should be more appreciative of artists like him who go above and beyond in service of timeless music!

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