We are what we make ourselves to be and the influence we have on the world always has to come from within ourselves and ultimately we give that which we have and have been working tirelessly until we feel it qualifies to be out there. This is no different for the prodigious recording artist, rapper, and producer Marcus Johnson who goes by the stage name Snow Tha Saint who hails from Bartow, Florida who despite having affluence for making music from an early age of 11 where he started writing rhymes and even got to record his first song at the age of 14, he found himself engulfed in darkness and before he could escape, the darkness swallowed him alive and he found himself facing 180 days in County Jail. All these trials and tribulations have laid a stunningly innovative musical journey that draws from his past experiences to deliver mood-evoking quality music that rests at the touchstone of authentic genius. This is real-life cultural music that touches on the earthly experiences, the good and the bad, the pure and the evil. This is what you get by subscribing to his musical expedition and it is what you are about to get in his latest EP “Now or Never” that is rich lyrically, thematically and is brimming with outstanding melodic maturity that has been mashed up, mixed, and produced by gifted hands of an accomplished wizard.

The EP is a 9-piece collection of culturally acceptable music and he is set to officially release the record on the 14th of February to lift up the moods during the Valentine as hip-hop fanatics get a marvelous taste of this evocative medicine that is slapping with nutritional value for the senses. This is EP for the generation that is meant to be listened to from the first track to the last without skipping or cherry-picking via remote button. The real power of order is called to question in the opening track “Heata’” and it responds intelligently by condemning a listener to honorable trouble with the wealthy taste of instrumentations on display like some fashion show, only this time the speakers do the walking and they sure walk it like they talk it! The charming swing of the piano followed almost immediately with the booming ache of the bass amidst the resounding jump of the drums and the melting glamour of the atmospheric synths guarantees an ethereal listening party as you move your body with wild abandon to its thumping beats.

Classic” featuring LoudLoui has to be your favorite track with the way the two attack the beats in charismatic unison coming to terms with the resounding 808’s and the heavily bossed hip hop atmospheric beats, matching their lyricism with the energetic drive of the complex instruments like they were born for this. The intricate flows and nostalgic wordplay is why you don’t want to joke with them for they bring a certain originality and passion to their delivery that is breathtaking. All of the other tracks have been made with this relentless drive and I took a liking to the tracks “Message” and the last track “Sauce#2015freestyle” which is a hypnotic freestyle from start to finish with the way he decorates it with his sensation rapping skill covering ground with such evocative thoughts that are perfect to close the EP. There is something for everyone in Snow Tha Saint’s eclectic discography and he is worth checking out. What a year he is primed to have!

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