Sleeping in Circles, an emerging force from Little Rock, Arkansas, is a dynamic concoction of art, music, and inspiration, eager to redefine the contours of modern rock and alternative music. Their anticipated single “Grey,” slated for release on August 25th, serves as a testament to their creative synergy and affinity for the profound echoes of the 70s and 90s, coupled with a nod to contemporary indie flair.

With members like Kyle Thornton on Guitars/Vocals, Luke Tibbett on Bass/Vocals, and Sean Rowe on Drums/Vocals, this artistic collective infuses the Arkansas music scene with their infectious energy, charisma, and passion. Their compelling live performances, resonating with the core of human emotions, can ignite reflective thoughts or simply awaken an irrepressible desire for late-night indulgence in pizza.

Their upcoming EP, highlighting “Grey” as its vanguard, promises an exploratory voyage into their musical universe, blending their signature rhythmic charm with a more intricate and nuanced insight into their artistic realm.

Dive into “Grey,” and you’ll find a poetic craftsmanship that strikes deep within the soul. The lyrics, such as “My conscience seems to fade, but my brain remain, remain my only,” reflect an intricate dance between vanishing thoughts and persistent feelings. The recurring theme of “grey” signifies a multifaceted emotional enigma, with the lyrics traversing through self-exploration, transformation, and perhaps an existential reflection on the myriad shades of life’s perplexities.

In anticipation of “Grey” and the subsequent EP coming this September 2023, Sleeping in Circles stands poised to etch their imprint on rock music’s ever-evolving canvas. The beauty of their sound, their unbridled emotion, and their ability to craft songs that resonate with the human spirit align them with those artists that not only entertain but also enlighten.

So mark the date, August 25th, and allow yourself to be enveloped in the rich tapestry of Sleeping in Circles’ “Grey.” The melodies, the profound lyricism, and the vibrant emotions await your discovery, as this band from Arkansas opens a new chapter in music, one filled with the intricate, resonant, and colorful shades of creativity.

Keep a keen eye on their journey, and immerse yourself in their compelling world, for Sleeping in Circles promises to deliver a musical experience that lingers long after the last note has been played. Follow them closely, and let their songs guide your musical exploration with a passion that’s refreshingly authentic and distinctly their own.

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