Equipped with a fresh voice from an experienced frame, Skinny G Radio crafts classic pop music with modern sounds and textures. As a sincere, confident, and creative artist, his aura commands attention while also putting listeners at ease. At his core, he is a genuine soul, and his supporters sense that exact demeanor and adore him for it. A seasoned entertainer who has worked with Grammy-winning artists, he exemplifies what your favorite artists aspire to be.

The confidence, charisma, and unpretentious personality make him easy to identify with, and his music, delivered with whimsical tones, is unlike anything currently on the market, giving you all the more reason to make him your new favorite artist. As his success continues to build, it’s Skinny G Radio’s music that does the talking. He embraces his non-traditional trajectory effortlessly.

Due to the song’s profound lyricism and expert musical execution, “Whatcha Gonna Do?” is one of those songs that is certain to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

The track feels so nostalgic yet completely of the moment. The instrumentation is well chosen; it is hauntingly beautiful and catchy, and the singing is nothing short of immaculate.

This track stays with the listener long after the final notes have disappeared. Featuring pop-induced catchy elements and striking percussive bravado, “Whatcha Gonna Do?” is a must-have for fans of good music.

“Whatcha Gonna Do?” is a single off of Skinny G Radio’s upcoming sophomore album that is scheduled for an early 2024 release, and following the masterclass he presented with his debut project, “The Heightening,” I eagerly anticipate his second album, which is poised to meet and surpass expectations if this new single is any indication.

This track is a significant addition to Skinny G’s impressive discography, poised to further his rise to international acclaim.

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