Skinny G Radio The Heightening

Skinny G Radio is the solo musical project of Geoffrey Lussier, a US-based multitalented songwriter, producer, and performer with decades of experience, first as a songwriter and producer who has worked with so many different artists. After taking time to learn and harness his craft under the apprenticeship at BandHouse Studios in Los Angeles, the latest incarnation of Skinny G Radio emerges as the most confident and creatively fulfilled version the world has yet encountered…to write, sing, and produce freely again!

His debut album, “The Heightening” feels like the coming of age; this is not only a creative revelation but something of a personal revelation for this acclaimed virtuoso at the pinnacle of his creative expression. From starting the album in a Connecticut basement back in 2018 to finishing the album at Sawtooth Music Studio in Los Angeles, this album personifies a diverse, mosaic-like pop masterpiece in its entirety.

“The Prelude” is the opening track of this vintage collection and features a somewhat theatrical intro with voices that sets the tone for the track before the beat that has been set to a captivating tone sets in. Embellishing the tune with the tactically integrated intricate vocals makes this a bona fide standout. The piece thrives very well and carries the color of ambitious music.

This is the kind of track that you’d find me dancing to with reckless joy as I crack the volume up with each successive listen.

“Scarier Than Halloween” is the kind of track that you groove to one-step, two-step, and repeat! Set to a humorous and whimsical tone thanks to the light-hearted lyrical tone, this tune will leave you in a much better mood than it found you. After vibing to it on repeat, I can’t help but feel captivated by the lines, “I hope the end is near!”

“Delusions of Grandeur” embodies indisputable production virtuosity and performance value. This track has replay value thanks to its choral arrangement and stupendous arrangement. Every element of this track works is working in perfect harmony with one another to create a piece of music that achieves what it sets out to.

“Delusions of Grandeur” comes off as deeply sentimental, and the more the track builds, the more the emotions are heightened. Skinny G Radio’s outstanding vocal performance and the backing choral delivery lure you in wholly and reward you with a visceral and cathartic listening experience. This track is brimming with both vocal and instrumental virtuosity and awe-inspiring showmanship!

“Unplug Me” is another almost-theatrical, somewhat humorous masterpiece set to a playful and mischievous tone that ingratiates itself naturally with the listener. It simply takes the listener just one listen to get them really turned on and wishing the track had no end, but as fate would have it, everything good and sweet eventually comes to an end!

This album is so good, and there are other tracks that you will find delightful, including “Bliss”, “Dear Lucie,” and “What the Fuck Have You Done?”

“The Heightening” is not the album you just cherry-pick tracks; if you want to enjoy a wholesome experience, I’d suggest you listen to it from the first track all the way to the fourteenth track, and you’ll be glad you did.

“The Heightening” is glaring, extravagant, trailblazing, unexpected, and at times the otherworldly edgy sound of Skinny G Radio’s creative heart today.

Follow the attached link and let this album inspire your own wide-eyed creativity and boundless imagination!

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