Sidney Harwell has been in the music industry for over a decade now! Hailing out of Fort Worth, Texas, he epitomizes tremendous strength, fortitude, and power to continue remaining relevant by delivering back-to-back timeless hits. Behind every gig, hit, stat, stream, like, and share is a hinterland of addicting folk music that echoes soul searching, self-doubt, self-discovery, and finally, recovery. His velvety, warm-sounding, and raw vocals are a strong highlight of his artistry, which has gained him a huge following with an ever-expanding legion of fans following his every move with great adulation!

Sidney Harwell is making headlines again following the release of his new album “Leaving for a While,” which is out now on all digital platforms. This is one of those collections that makes you admire an artist of his status even more. The tracks in this album were actually recorded in 2020, with Harwell intending to use them as promotional singles for his next studio album, but he never got the studio time to make that happen. So he instead chose to put them all together and release them as an album.

The cover art is an ingenious depiction that underscores the inspiration behind the album. I feel like “Leaving for a While” is an ode to self, to relationships, to connecting, and to the healing power of love over adversity. It is, you might say, the album for 2022. The music here is sonically inviting, mature, and honest, and overall, it is the relaxing kind of music that allows you the chance to experience your own thoughts!

A track like “Three Roads” is instantly recognizable; the guitar melodies are entrancing, as are Sidney’s velvety vocals, which slink through in whispery yet surprising audibility over the harmonies.

There is that country-flavored feel in a tune like “Poppy Court,” and the emotions present in a track like “Colossus” are very deep and moving. “Lady Liberty” is addicting, with the warm manner in which it has been delivered immediately appealing to the listener as it takes you with it throughout its length.

“A While or Two” feels idiosyncratic and personal. There is a lot more to do to get a listener moved and thoroughly entertained. It is my personal opinion that this antique collection will ensure Sidney Harwell continues to maintain his stardom and even gain further recognition globally!

To enjoy this smoothly flowing and spirit-alleviating music; follow the attached link and tell a friend about Sidney Harwell because he represents the now as well as the future of great music!

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