Sidney Breedlove Take It Low

His journey has been nothing short of inspiring and moving at the same time. He exemplifies hard work, careful consistency and bravery having grabbed every opportunity that life presented him and used it as a ladder to move on to the next level and phase of his life and music career. His grandparents as well as his mother were the best support system he had and the year 2018 was one of the most painful years of his life and one that was so sad to take. It was the year his grandmother and mother were taken away from him and went to rest in eternal peace. He is now more than ever doing this for the people who believed in him most importantly encouraging him to go all the way; accompanying him every step of the way.

And I am very sure that wherever they are now, they are looking down with acknowledgment and couldn’t be prouder of the virtuosic artist Sidney Breedlove is turning out to be. He has his blood running through his creations and he admits that the music he is releasing now is very different from what he made when starting out as a 17-year-old. Back then, he just used to freestyle and anything went with his rap blows. Having come of age, however, he decided that his music was worth much more when impactful and deeply resonating with the listeners.

He has now been on a mission of evolving conscious rap music as he shares his stories and those of others through imposing melodies. People have often confused lyricism as depicted in hip-hop as the damning hardship and he is here to wipe off that stereotype- lyricism is just a reflection and by reflecting on real life, many listeners are able to deeply relate and that is the sole purpose of music- to heavily influence its listeners with its deep resonance qualities!

Sidney Breedlove is also not afraid to whip up some feel-good type of anthems like the tune, “Take It Low”- one to just ensure you lose your worries and focus on the fun part of life. This is a straight hit from the top to the base and is just in time for those summer vibes! The kind of thrill I got from this tune actually reminded me of Silentό’s one in the track, “Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae) back in 2015. Not that they are similar but they exude a similar type of groovy vibe that arrests you and draws you in as you uncontrollably watch yourself sink in the awaiting feathers of deep melody and effective lyrical command to back the whole scenario up!

He is all hands here and he displays his versatility by breaking faultlessly with his engineered theme-perfect bars as well as moonwalking over in the catchy hooks section; so impeccably that he transforms those easily quotable lines into something of a deeply engaging anthem. He is undeniably likable and his heartfelt performance in this track makes a listener like him even more. He has a commanding stage presence and the way he drops those bars over the blazing instrumentation is a joy to the ears.

The official music is out and this visual staple is everything you’d want in a hot record like this! I mean the exceptionally choreographed dances blended splendidly with other raw images to design an eye-catching cinema that has so far attracted over 33,400 views on YouTube!

This is just an example of what Sidney Breedlove is capable of delivering and as you can see, it is quite monumental! To join in this empire-building journey through success and power, follow him on the attached socials.

To watch this music release for, “Take It Low”- follow the attached link, subscribe to his YouTube channel, and save it as a favorite jam to go back to now and again!

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