Shedrick S.H.E.D Barnett has always embraced his listeners with his stellar, wholly organic, stage-stealing poetic fluidity that highlights an artist who was born and lives to create. His way with words is something worthy of critical praise. Even though he got into the creative arts a bit late, he has gone on to build one of the most impressive catalogs of poetry-flavored music. He has released five albums already, and his 2022 series, “A Poet Was Here,” is receiving popular acclaim and elevating him to international acclaim.

With his new track, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, Barnett decided to take a route that not many would have anticipated…at least not recently, because he had already been on a steady supply of poetry featuring other talented singers or rappers…now this is him carving out his own niche in rap music and demonstrating his artistic range.

With that performance, you will be made aware of an artist with a knack for spoken word because of the way he balances his performance with a near-flawless execution. It’s just as easy to tell he is talking over beats as it is to say he is vehemently rapping over them—either way, he achieves this with pinpoint accuracy!

The strong beat with cinematic drops was engineered by Kaliko and really fits in perfectly with the track’s narrative and essence. “No More Mr. Nice Guy” was inspired by that feeling of being fed up with self-absorbed people who are incapable of showing concern and care for anyone other than themselves and always take advantage of caring and selfless people, either in relationships or life in general.

You can catch the raw emotions in Barnett’s voice as he seeks to delve deep and ensure a listener develops their own personal feelings with the lyrics and the track as a whole.

“No More Mr. Nice Guy” is a track you can find solace in and vent to when you are also feeling fed up with the general world as it is!

To relish this authentic performance, follow the attached link and let this tune make its way into your playlist!

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